Radio Silence

To whom it may concern,

Four years is a long time to go between posts. So long that most people would assume this place was dead. Truth be told that wasn’t too far from the truth.

After releasing the EP “Every Precious Failure” and an instrumental collection of songs in 2015 I entered a lengthy period of music burnout that coincided with the dissolution of the band I played guitar in for 6 years.

I had planned to write new material, but found myself almost completely uninspired. This lack of inspiration persisted for about two (long) years. During that time I moved from Michigan to Texas and then back to Michigan. At the same this country pretty much lost it’s collective mind politically.

At the end of 2017 I finally started recording again, starting with an unreleased/unfinished song from my old band that just seemed fitting for the time. That and it was just legitimately a good song that deserved more justice than a bad iphone recording.

A new song came quickly after that and pretty soon I had more than I could keep up with, as if two years of not doing anything resulted in a backlog of creative energy. I also recorded a few covers and alternate takes of old songs which I put on youtube.

Since then I’ve been writing and recording pretty consistently but mostly keeping it to myself. The songs are a product of the times; full of anxiety and at times loud and abrasive.

I’m nearing the point where these songs are done, but in the meantime you can expect to see remastered versions of old material and a wider digital release for Indoor Voices with alternate takes on some of the songs. Until then I’ll leave you the first new song I posted on youtube at the start of 2018

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