This is the “lead” single from the album Exits and Onramps. When I wrote it about three years ago, I was going through a really difficult time, as I was moving from somewhere I had lived for 18 years.

The day I was moving was in early October and I was sitting on the porch getting ready to leave. In front of me was the maple tree in the front yard, and I thought about it depositing seeds as it does every year, thickly covering the ground with those “helicopter” type seed pods.

It occurred to me that despite the large amount of seeds, few if any would actually do anything besides lie on the concrete and dry out. I realized that growing up and leaving home felt a lot like that to me, that I was heading into the world with no gaurantee that I would find somewhere else where I felt I belonged.

Out of habit I would pick up the seeds and crumble them apart, especially the wings. At that moment it just didn’t feel right.

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